Break the Cycle

I’m afraid the initial response of empathy after these attacks will again be hijacked by incitements for hatred and violence, by new calls justifying even more “war on terror.” I’m afraid that the “welcome” towards refugees will be brought down by fear. But rather than adding more fuel to the fire, which will only result in more deaths and in more wish for revenge, we must finally wake up and step out of the insanity of a system, which produces the terrors it pretends to be fighting.

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  1. I was invited to the recent Anti Zensor Kongress in Switzerland, and made acquaintance with staff of the Compact Magazine. We Need to do more than Long for peace, we Need to demonstrate that europe does not Need “friendly” Military bases ( from the USA). Probably the very Basis of the TTIP regulations have evolved out of economic espionage thanks to the security interests of the NSA.

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